To buy ZCCM-IH shares on the Lusaka Securities Exchange, one should first open a shares brokerage account with a LuSE registered Stockbroker. Details of all the brokers can be found here. Once the account is opened, the potential shareholder can issue a Buy instruction and deposit the funds to be used to buy the shares with the broker. The broker will process the order and if the shares are available on the LuSE will execute the order. Upon settlement of the trade, one becomes a shareholder of ZCCM-IH shares.

The main benefits are twofold. First, if the shares appreciate in value, the shareholder can sell his or her shares at a profit. For instance between January 2014 and December 2015, the ZCCM-IH shares appreciated in value by 163.5% therefore shares bought for K1,000 at the beginning of that period were worth K2,635 at the end, a capital gain of K1,635!

Second, as ZCCM-IH has a dividend policy which pays out at least 20% of its net profits as dividends, all shareholders can look forward to a dividend as long as ZCCM-IH makes a profit. In 2014, ZCCM-IH paid out a dividend of $40 Million to its shareholders.