Kabundi Resources Ltd

. Product/Service Manganese ore
. Shareholding ZCCM-IH 100%
. Sector Mining
. Location Kabundi, Serenje, Central Province
. Website  

Kabundi Resources Ltd (KRL) was incorporated in May 2019 with the mandate of managing the manganese project in central province.

Company Information

Kabundi Resources Ltd


Key Company Highlights

• ZCCM-IH holds a Large-Scale Exploration Licence in Serenje District of the Central Province of Zambia. The total surface area for the licence is 901 km² is for exploration for commodities which include manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, limestone and precious minerals
Mine operations and production commenced in May 2020 at a small-scale level with planned expansion programmes.

Two wash plants have been installed with capacities of 100 tonnes per day (TPD) and 150 tonnes per hour (TPH).
Ore grade of approximately an average of 45% manganese.
KRL intends to build a 60,000 tonnes per annum (TPA) Ferromanganese and Silicon Manganese Plant in the next 8 years in 3 phases, starting with a 20, 000 TPA to be built in 3 years.

Serenje Set for Manganese Mining