Our business model

Our portfolio

ZCCM-IH’s portfolio consists mostly of shareholdings in some of the largest mines in Zambia. It also has shareholdings in energy companies (CEC & Maamba Collieries Ltd), Financial Services (Investrust) and in Gemstones (Kariba Minerals Ltd). With its Strategic Partners, ZCCM-IH aims to improve operational efficiencies and drive profitability in its investee companies with the goal of increasing the dividend stream into ZCCM-IH. The dividends received are deployed into Investments with above average risk adjusted returns thus continuing to extract more value for its shareholders.


ZCCM-IH is increasing and developing its foothold in other sectors such as agriculture, real estate, and alternative energy, through the diversification agenda drawn from our strategic plan.

The goal is to tap into new sources of consistent and stable income while reducing the risk profile of our Portfolio. This is in an effort to deliver compelling long term returns and continue to maximize shareholder value

Our activities

The Company’s other activities include:

  • Developing and implementing investments strategies and aligning company operations towards maximizing of shareholder value;
  • Monitoring investee companies to ensure they consistently declare reasonable dividends and ensure Company growth;
  • Ensuring effective representation on the boards of the investee companies;
  • Establishing and securing joint venture partnerships for projects assessed to be viable; and
  • Promoting Zambian ownership and management in mining assets.

Our strategic focus

In its transformed state as an investments holding company, the Company’s strategic focus areas are:

  • Strategic focus area 1: Leveraging and consolidating existing investments in the copper mining sector and pursue other copper assets;
  • Strategic focus area 2: Diversifying into other minerals;
  • Strategic focus area 3: Investing in mining related sectors;
  • Strategic focus area 4: Investing in mining related manufacturing;
  • Strategic focus area 5: Treasury management;
  • Strategic focus area 6: Reducing legacy liabilities; and
  • Strategic focus area 7: Repositioning the company.


Extracting value from tier one assets by improving efficiencies and operations.